If you are part of an incident for which you believe the City of Napa has caused a loss or damage to your person or property, you have the option of completing and filing a claim with the City.

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Councilmember Peter Mott


Peter Mott is the owner and operator for the past 31 years of Sunmaster, a window film and coverings company based in Napa.

Sunmaster does business throughout Northern California and parts of the Western United States. Peter’s had the opportunity to do some Federal work including travelling to Fiji to film the US embassy there.
Peter also owns and operates On Ice LLC which runs holiday ice skating rinks in Marin and San Mateo.

Peter was elected in November 2006 to a four year term on Napa City Council. He was re-elected to a second term in 2010 and to a third term in 2014. As a Councilmember, he serves on the Napa Sanitation District, the Childcare, Business and Government Coalition, and is the alternate to the Napa-Vallejo Waste Management Authority. He previously served two years on the Planning Commission and three years with the Community Development Block Grant.

Peter enjoys working with the Napa Track Club where both of his daughters are throwers. He is a member on the Napa Sunrise Rotary Club, a member of the Native Sons of the Golden West, a Board Member with Molly’s Angels, and enjoys being a more popular Councilman than Scott Sedgley.

Peter’s real pastime is travelling. He has had the opportunity to visit Scotland, France, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Thailand and New Zealand, among other destinations.

Peter and his wife Nancy have two girls, Madison and Teagan.
Term Expires: December 2018

Telephone: 707.258.7876
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vice-Mayor Juliana Inman

Juliana Inman is a licensed architect who was elected to a four year City Council term in November 2006 and re-elected in 2010 on a platform of sustainability, fiscal restraint, agricultural preservation, and repairing streets and sidewalks.

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Other Resources and Information

Here's a linked list of resources for information on government services that are provided by agencies other than the City of Napa. In many cases, residents of the City receive direct services from these other agencies, and this list is provided as a quick link to these other providers.

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City Laws


The City of Napa is a charter city, subject to the terms of the City Charter. The City Charter was ratified by the voters in an election held on December 16, 1914, with an effective date of June 7, 1915. The City Charter may be amended only by a vote of the City's electorate.

The City Council, as the governing body of a charter city, is authorized to establish City laws under its "home rule" authority, as set forth in California Constitution Article XI, Section 5. City laws are approved by the City Council in the form of ordinances, resolutions, or other actions of the City Council documented in the minutes of public meetings. City ordinances that have general applicability throughout the City are collected and codified in the Napa Municipal Code. City resolutions that have general applicability throughout the City are collected and organized in the City's Policy Resolutions. Other ordinances, resolutions, and minute actions are available through the webpage of the City Clerk or the Public Records Center. Additionally, the City's Planning Division has collected City resolutions and procedures related to land use regulation in the Planning Division Library of Documents.

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