Eric Whan: SPOC for Google Fiber implementation


Eric Whan received his BS in Civil Engineering at UC Davis in 1987 As a licensed civil engineer in California Eric serves as Deputy Director of Public Works-Engineering for the City of Napa. He has been with the City for two years. Napa's Public Works Department has 12 engineers and 15 engineering aides and clerical support personnel. Previously, Eric was a Senior Civil Engineer for Contra Costa County for 21 years.

Eric knows trenches. His experience with capital improvement projects ranges from solid and hazardous waste planning, road and drainage projects up through planning for water conservation and resources, transportation, flood control and storm water management, and construction inspection and management. When complicated issues arise with underground deployments, Eric is the man we call in the Public Works Department.

Eric has four direct reports having a combined experience of 72 years in engineering. Eric reports directly to Jacques "Jack" LaRochelle, Napa's Director of Public Works who has also been with the City for two years. Coupled with Jack's 24 years of engineering experience, Google will have 47 years of combined municipal public works management experience to handle any problems that may arise.

Eric brings to this project 23 years of his own experience dealing the very kinds of issues that an installation of a cable-type project entails. His first-hand knowledge and oversight of all aspects of the City of Napa's Public Works Department and city departments relating to such a project will provide the leadership that Google requires for an efficient and rapid deployment. 

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