There is no way to know what nature may bring us in any given winter. The City of Napa believes in the “hope for the best but prepare for the worst” approach, and encourages residents and businesses be prepared before the rainy season begins. Here’s what you can do to be storm ready.

Know if you are at risk: Go to our Emergency Information section and explore the information there. You'll find maps that show the areas of town most at risk, where streets will be barricaded, and routes for evacuation. If you rent or own property in the floodplain, have insurance for your building and contents. Maps and insurance information are also available in the “Citizen’s Guide to Flooding and Flood Recovery,” available in hard copy at City Hall, 955 School Street, and at the Community Services Building at 1600 First Street.

Sandbag distribution: If you think you have a significant risk of flooding, you may want to have sandbags close at hand. The City conducts regular sandbag distribution on the first Saturday of the month from November through March from 9am to 1pm at the Corporation Yard at 770 Jackson Street. Bring your own shovel and gloves and help yourself to free sand and sandbags. Other materials that can be useful are plywood, plastic sheeting and heavy duty tape. Review the proper way to fill and stack sandbags to have the maximum effect.

Stay informed: With modern satellite imagery, we usually have a good advance warning when a big storm is headed our way. Tracking rainfall amounts and stream and river levels helps us anticipate possibly flooding. The City of Napa has teamed with Napa County and other public agencies to provide a new website with a host of weather and river level data. You’ll find it at

Stock your disaster kit: Are you ready to be on your own, without water and electricity for two or three days? Even if you are not in a flood-prone area, there’s always the risk of a major earthquake. Think about the things you’d want to have – fresh water, non-perishable foods, batteries, a portable radio, flashlights, just to name a few – do you have these things on hand? You’ll find a checklist for the items you should have in your disaster kit, and lots of other preparedness information, at

If flooding threatens: The City will post updates in the Emergency Informaton section of this website, provide information through Napa TV Public Access Cable Channels 27 and 28, make regular releases to print and broadcast media,  and update the public information hotline at 707-258-7813.

The City of Napa has prepared this guide to flooding - being prepared for floods, how to responed when floods occur, and what to do after the flood.