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The Development Engineering Division is responsible for the engineering review and processing of private development applications as well as plan check, inspection and coordination of infrastructure construction activities resulting from the development process. The Division also provides administration of the Stormwater Program, Sidewalk Repair Program and assistance to the public in the issuance of encroachment permits , transportation permits , and general inquiries.   

Development Review  
Staff members review development applications to determine the impact of proposed developments on City infrastucture including water, streets and storm drain facilities. Applications for tentative subdivision and parcel maps, use permits, lot line adjustments, building permits and grading are reviewed and conditions of approval are prepared to mitigate development impacts. Staff from this section also represents the Public Works Department at public hearings before PERC, the Planning Commission and City Council.

Application processing and plan check assure that the development of public improvements is accomplished in accordance with applicable state laws and City Code requirements. Staff reviews improvements plans, improvement agreements, bonds, deeds and offers of dedication associated with a wide range of development projects. Staff also cooridantes with other city departments, agencies and utility companies as well as provides assistance to private developers and the general public as required throughout the development process.

Sidewalk Repair Program 
The Sidewalk Repair Program was enacted by City Council in 1990 to provide for more expedient repair of frontage improvements damaged by street trees throughout the City.  The program allows property owners to replace street trees, sidewalk, curb, gutter, and driveway and receive a partial reimbursement from the City.  The program is funded yearly by the General Fund.  
(Click here for a Program Summary and Application.   Click here for an Encroachment Permit Application)
If you have questions on the Sidewalk Repair Program, please call (707) 257-9520 .

Public Works issues two different types of permits - Encroachment Permits and Transportation Permits.

 - Encroachment Permits are required by the Napa Municipal Code whenever work is being performed in the public right-of-way.
(Click here for an Encroachment Permit Application, and here for Traffic Control Preparation Guidelines)

 - Transportation Permits are required by State Law when a trucked load exceeds the weight limits outlined in the California Vehicle Code.  The City issues Transportation Permits whenever such a trucked load is proposed to operate within the City Limits.
(Click here for a Transporation Permit Form .)  

In the Development Engineering section you will find: 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can damaged sidewalks be repaired?

Other than temporary repairs such as grinding or ramping with asphalt, City sidewalks can be repaired in one of two ways:

  1. As part of a Capital Improvement Project-City pays for the cost of the work: The City maintains a Sidewalk Service Request List composed of requests from residents and property owners.  The yearly Citywide Sidewalk Capital Improvement Project is normally composed of a group of the oldest requests on the List.  Currently, there are approximately 674 requests on the list, the oldest of which dates to December 2000.  Therefore, it takes approximately seven years to have sidewalk repaired as part of a Capital Improvement Project once a request is made.
  2. As part of the Sidewalk Repair Program-City and property owner share in the cost of the work: Under the Sidewalk Repair Program, the process from the time a resident submits an application to being reimbursed for the City’s share of the repair work can be as short as two months.