Program for Commercial Customers

Smart Rebates is a statewide program administered by the California Water Efficiency Partnership.  The program offers generous rebates on a variety of water-saving products and appliances.    

smartrebates.jpgThe City of Napa is participating in the program by offering the following rebates to its commercial, industrial, and institutional customers:

High-Efficiency Clothes Washer $400

High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) $200

High-Efficiency Urinal (HEU) $300

Pressurized WaterBroom $50

NOTE: Apartment/Multi-Family Common Areas and Route Operators are also eligible for the High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate. 

Rebates are good on purchases made from July 1, 2013 through the present, or until rebate funds are depleted.

Visit the CalWEP Smart Rebates page for full program details, including product descriptions, qualifying models, and the Smart Rebates Commercial Application.  Call 1-877-231-3625 for more information.

NOTE: Rebate applications should be mailed to:
                                                        Smart Rebates Program
                                                        716 10th Street, Suite 200
                                                        Sacramento, CA  95814

For other specialized energy- and water-saving equipment not covered by Smart Rebates, check out Equipment Rebates from PG&E.