Here is a linked list of informational handouts from the Building Division. These handouts are provided in .pdf format.

210 Watts Gas Shut Off Valve
Accessibility Bathroom
Accessibility for Existing Buildings
Accessibility for Halls/Stairs/Doors
Alternate Braced Wall Panels
Bathroom Remodel
Bedroom Remodel

Bracing Details for Damaged Interior Masonry Chimneys and Flues
Concrete to Wood Flashing Detail
Conventional Light Frame Construction Design Provisions
Cutting Notching and Boring of Studs
Depth of Pipe in Trench Electrical
Drainage and Vent Fittings
Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets
Electrical to Detached Outbuildings
Electric Signs
Existing Construction
Flat Venting
Footings Firm Bearing Soil
Foundations Typical
Foundation New Tie to Existing Foundation
Furnace Typical Installation
Grounding and Bonding at Separate Buildings
Grounding of Stove Ranges Frames and Clothes Dryers
Handrail Detail
Interior Footing
Island Sink Venting
Kitchen Countertop Receptacles
Kitchen Remodel General Requirements
Manufactured Sunrooms
Masonry Fireplace and Chimney Construction
New Garage or Shed
Notching and Boring Floor Joist and Wall Studs
Patio Cover
Patio Cover Typical
Pipe Trenching Depth
Pool Electrical Equipment
Rafter and Joist Span Table
Rafter Spans and Floor Spans
ReRoofing Tile
Reroof Plywood Nailing Requirements
Retro Fitting Masonry Fireplace with Factory Built Flue
Retro Fitting Masonry Fireplace with Factory Built Metal Chimney
Roof Framing from Flat to Pitch Roof
Roof Nailing Diaphragm
Service Change
Shower Valves
Smoke Detectors in Existing Single Family Homes
Smoke Detectors in New Single Family Dwellings
Stairways Typical
Subpanel Grounding Options at Separate Structure
Swimming Pool Safety California Codes
Termite Repairs
Typical Single Story Framing
T Bar Ceiling
Unreasonable Hardship Exception Application
Water Heater Installation
Winding Stairways
Window Replacement
Workers Comp Notice to Homeowner
Zero Clearance Unit Wood Framing Detail Fireplace