Our Fire Stations can also be viewed on the City Offices and Facilities Map.



Fire Station #1: 707-257-9589 (x7370)
Located at 930 Seminary Street, Fire Station #1 was built in 1962.  Station #1 houses a Paramedic Engine Company, a 110 foot Aerial Ladder Truck, the Battalion Chief, a Heavy Rescue Unit (for building and trench collapse, air supply, and Hazardous Materials rescue) and one Reserve Fire Engine.




Fire Station #2: 707-257-6222 (x7380)
Located at 1501 Park Avenue, Fire Station #2 is our oldest existing station and was built in 1950. Fire Station #2 also houses a Paramedic Engine Company as well as a Fire Patrol Unit (pickup with water tank for small grass fires) and a State Emergency Management Authority Engine (EMA 365 for our use and for large incidents throughout the state). In addition, Station #2 is the location of our training tower for the training and testing of our firefighters and equipment.



Fire Station #3: 707-252-0986 (x7791)
Located at 2000 Trower Avenue, Fire Station #3, was built in 1987 and also provides a Paramedic Engine company. In addition, Station #3 houses a Type 3 Fire Engine (for off road vegetation fire attack).


Fire Station #4: 707-257-9612 (x7612)
Located at 251 Gasser Drive, behind Target, Fire Station #4 is our newest station completed on Feb. 17, 2004. It houses a Paramedic Engine Company, a Reserve Engine, and a Fire Patrol Unit. 


Want a tour of a fire station?

Although we try to accommodate drop in tours it gets more difficult every day with our ever increasing responsibilities and response volume. If you would like to schedule tour we would be very happy to show you around. The best way to schedule a tour is to call the station you would like to see. The phone numbers for each station are listed above. Ask to speak to the Captain. Although that Captain may not be able to immediately schedule you, he or she will get you in contact with the shift that will be on duty the day you want your tour so that arrangements can be made. It will be helpful if you know in advance the number of people you would like to bring, and if it is a school group, the ages of the children. We look forward to seeing you!