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As an employer, the City of Napa maintains a full time workforce of about 450 people. Employees work in a variety of City departments and divisions: City Attorney, City Clerk, City Manager, Parks and Recreation, Finance, Fire, Housing, Human Resources, Community Development, Police, and Public Works. The Human Resources Department administers the recruitment and examination process for all full-time and part-time positions.

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A message from Darlene Colaso, City of Napa Human Resources Director:

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide leadership in the attraction, development, and retention of a diverse, well-qualified and professional workforce, that reflects the high standards of the community we serve, through the development and implementation of sound workforce systems. We take this mission very seriously.

Moving beyond the traditional role of human resource management, my staff and I are striving to create a collaborative environment that rewards creativity and outstanding performance. We are committed to being strategic partners with all City departments, to ensure that the City has the talent and resources needed to provide great services to the Napa community.

The Department, in collaboration with the Civil Service Commission, provides a full-range of human resources services including recruitment and selection, classification and compensation, benefits administration, employee safety services, labor relations, and training. This site will provide you with information on employment opportunities, job descriptions, benefits, employee labor agreements, and the City of Napa Civil Service Rules.

We believe that the City’s greatest assets are its employees, and we take great pride in delivering the services that support a highly productive, innovative, caring, and customer-oriented workforce.

Please take a moment to explore equal employment opportunities and the benefits of City employment. I think you will see the City of Napa is a great place to work!

Warm regards,

Darlene Colaso
Human Resources Director