Hazardous Debris and Ash

Debris and ash from residential and commercial fires is likely hazardous and may contain toxic substances due to the presence of synthetic and hazardous materials. Napa County is working to secure assistance from State agencies that will ensure proper handling and disposal of household hazardous waste products as well as debris and ash from the fire. It is expected that State agencies will be in Napa as soon as next week to start. Please be patient as this process unfolds. In the meantime, in order to protect your health and the health of your neighbors, you should NOT begin any debris removal at this time. Please refer to the advisories regarding safety precautions related to re-entry and debris ash. Until all hazardous wastes have been removed and the property is cleared of debris and all contaminated soil has been removed, no demolition permits or building permits will be issued.

Click here to read more information from the County on hazardous debris from the fire.

Green Waste and Compostable Material

Residents may bring green waste and yard trimmings to the Napa Recycling & Composting Facility but we want to remind you that there is a fee ($18 minimum charge or $44/ton). Alternatively, you can use your normal brown curbside compost cart (or carts) for a wide range of compostable materials (including yard trimmings, food scraps & soiled paper) at no additional charge. We encourage curbside collection of green waste as there are vehicle count & tonnage limits on self-haul loads at our recycling and composting facility.

Residential Waste Service Information

For those who lost power last week and may need to dispose of spoiled food from their refrigerator/freezer: you can put all spoiled food - without the packaging - in your yard waste cans. Please remove the packaging first and place the packaging in the trash (film plastic) or recycling (rigid plastic) - and the food scraps in the brown compost cart. Full details of what is compostable or not compostable as well as tips for successful curbside composting are available here: www.naparecycling.com/residential-food-composting

Please visit www.naparecycling.com for more information on waste disposal.