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Request For Proposals (RFP)

The primary purpose of this RFP is to request proposals from the three development teams qualified through the RFQ process. In the RFP, respondents are asked to provide their proposal for the construction of: new Public Facilities which will consolidate the City’s City Administration and Public Safety functions; and the private development of any excess City land not required on the existing Community Services Building site, the Superblock site (City Hall, Police & Fire Administration and Fire Station No. 1) or the Housing Authority Building site.
Through this Request for Proposals (RFP), the City of Napa seeks to select and contract with a Respondent from the teams shortlisted from the prior Request for Qualification (“RFQ”) process in order to accomplish the following outcomes:

1) Design, build, finance, operate and maintain a new, combined City Administration and Public Safety Building; and

2) The City will sell at fair market value, to the successful respondent, any excess land resulting from the development of the Public Facilities for private development, which could include the Community Services Building and all, or portions of, the super block site currently housing City Hall and Police and Fire Administration, Fire Station #1, and the Housing Authority Building site.
The RFP will enable the City to identify the most qualified Respondents and will be indicative of the level of the Respondents’ experience and commitment to the proposed project. Respondents must demonstrate their project concept, design and supporting financing plan necessary to successfully design, develop and deliver the proposed project.
RFP responses are due in February 2016. Following the submittals, the proposals will be reviewed, evaluated and the recommended team presented for City Council selection.

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