The primary purpose of this RFQ is to qualify and select a short list of highly qualified development teams, who will then be requested to participate in the Phase II RFP. In the RFQ, respondents are asked to provide their basic project concept to address the City’s objectives and requirements and qualify firms and their key personnel with regards to their ability to provide the experience, capacity and financial resources necessary to successfully execute each of the two project components. Only those development teams short-listed will move forward and participate in Phase II. The response requirements can be found in Section 4 of this RFQ.

Although it is the City’s preference to enter into a single contract with one development entity for the entire project, the RFQ contains separate qualification criteria for the Public Building development and the proposed Private Development. At this time, development teams may either propose qualifications for both the Public Building development and the Private Development, or can choose to submit qualifications for only one of the development components. Informed by the RFQ process and prior to releasing the RFP, the City will make a determination whether it will require short-listed teams to propose on both project components, or if teams may pursue either the City development or the Private Development independently. This decision will determine if one or two RFP’s will be issued in Phase II.

Request for Qualifications
Appendix A-1: Private Site Map
Appendix A-2: Public Building Map
Appendix A-3: Regional Map
Appendix A-4: Hotel Feasibility Analysis
Appendix B: Forms A-B (Word file)
Appendix B: Forms C-E  (Excel file) 

First Addendum to RFQ (Dec. 3. 2015)

Second Addendum to RFQ (Jan. 8, 2016)

Pre-Submittal Meeting Sign-In Sheet

Pre-Submittal Meeting Slide Presentation

Lodging & Conference Space Inventory-City of Napa & South County

Follow this link for Q&A from the Pre-Submittal Meeting-Nov 16., 2015

RFQ Schedule

  • Issuance of the RFQ  October 30, 2015
  • Pre-Submittal Conference  November 16, 2015
  • Deadline for Submittal of Questions regarding the RFQ  December 21, 2015  (Revised Dec. 3, 2015, from earlier due date of Nov. 27)
  • Submittal Due Date for RFQ  February 19, 2016  (Revised by Second Addendum from earlier due date of Jan. 8)
  • Interviews of teams  March 2016
  • Shortlisting of qualified teams to participate in RFP  March 2016
  • RFP released to shortlisted teams  April 2016

For More information contact:
Julie Lucido, Project Manager
City of Napa,
1600 First St.
Napa CA 94559
Telephone: (707) 257-9690
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.