The City of Napa’s latest Drinking Water Quality Report has been posted in the Water Quality section of its City of Napa website,  A message printed on April and May water bills will alert customers of the report’s availability and the direct web address for electronic access of the document,  This report demonstrates that in calendar year 2015 the City met the stringent State and Federal contaminant limits for finished drinking water, except for trihalomethanes (THMs) in limited areas of our distribution network.  Additional report sections describe our source waters, the importance of protecting those sources, and specific water quality concerns some customers may have.

Select areas of the distribution system did not meet the complex new standard for Stage II of the Disinfection Byproduct Rule at all times throughout 2015, based on site-specific running annual average.  Notices were sent directly to any affected customers throughout the year to inform them about the level of THMs, the particular byproduct of organic carbon and chlorine monitored under the new regulation.  As of January 2016, all areas of the distribution system within City limits have now met this new standard.  One small area outside City limits that serves seven customers on Darms Lane remains out of compliance.  Action is being taken to reduce the formation of THMs and other disinfection byproducts in that location where customer demands are not consistent.

For customers without computer access, paper copies of the 2015 Drinking Water Quality Report are available at the Water Division, 1340 Clay Street, and at the Public Works counter, 1600 First Street.  Paper copies will also be mailed upon request by calling 707-257-9521.

This is the fourth year that the City has used an electronic distribution method for the report, saving resources and ratepayer funds while still communicating to customers about the health and safety of their tap water.