Napa City Fire Department challenges you to learn Hands Only CPR. In just 10 minutes you can learn to save a life.


The American Heart Association has implemented some drastic changes to CPR.  Through their studies and evaluation they’ve determined that “hands only” CPR (as opposed to traditional CPR) is as beneficial, if not more beneficial, within the first 10 minutes of sudden death due to cardiac arrest. Therefore, they have changed the guidelines and created a new category: Hands Only CPR (sometimes called Community CPR or Gorilla CPR).  With this new CPR there are no rescue breaths, confusing ratio’s or numbers. Once you’ve determined someone is in trouble (unconscious/ not breathing), it’s just two steps: Call 911 and push hard and fast in the middle of the chest to the beat of the Bee Gee’s hit song, “Staying Alive”.  This can be taught in just minutes to large audiences and therefore significantly increasing the number of people in the community that can do (and actually will do) CPR.

In the past few years, through new protocols, techniques and tools implemented by Napa County, our field saves have skyrocketed and is among the best in the nation.  A field save means after a sudden cardiac arrest, CPR, resuscitation and treatment the patient ultimately is successfully discharged from hospital.  Our save rate is between 18% and nearly 28%, up from the national standard of 3%.  What this all means is you have a pretty good chance of survival if you go into Cardiac Arrest here in Napa.  The key to all of this is bystander CPR.  CPR has to be performed by someone immediately or there is realistically no chance of survival. The stats also show that 4 out of 5 sudden cardiac arrest’s happen at home, so the people needing this are our loved ones, the person sitting next to you.

This leads us to our goal here at the Napa Fire Dept:  Teaching as many people CPR as possible. Come and help us “Join the Fight to Save a Life” and learn hands only CPR.


Napa City Fire Department and Napa Parks and Recreation invite you to JOIN THE FIGHT TO SAVE A LIFE!!

2,500 Citizens a year trained in Hands Only CPR

(10,000 currently trained and counting) 


2017 Hands Only CPR Dates:

March 4th

June 3rd

October 7th

All sessions are free to attend and are held at Fire Station 4 at 251 Gasser Drive from 11am-Noon

If you'd like to schedule a HOCPR class for your group or small business email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please note that Hand Only CPR does not require pre-registration.  This training will provide you with the essential skill that may save the life of someone in need of emergency services.  The training is not a certification course and will not qualify you for a CPR certificate.