UPDATED - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

EARTHQUAKE DEBRIS: Important information for Napa residents and NRWS/NCRWS customers!

Napa residents and NRWS/NCRWS customers are asked to avoid contaminating curbside recyclables by placing non-container glass (e.g., window glass, serving glass/dishware, mirrors, etc.) to your blue recycling carts and adding inorganic, noncompostable materials such as bricks, concrete and rocks to your brown yardwaste carts. Contamination of the recycling or composting streams can result in damage to processing equipment, lower the quality of the compost and/or recycled products and may also unfortunately result in landfill disposal of otherwise recyclable or compostable materials. Please visit http://naparecycling.com/residential or refer to Napa’s 22-page Recycling Guide in your phone directory for more detailed information on what is accepted in your blue cart for recycling and brown cart for composting.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) in general: Most HHW information is available online at www.naparecycling.com or is available in your local telephone directory in a 22-page recycling guide under “recycling.”

Napa-Vallejo Permanent HHW Collection Facility: For home generated HHW, Napa’s permanent HHW collection facility is open and available every Friday and Saturday, from 9 am to 4 pm.  This site is located off Hwy 29 & South Kelley Road adjacent to the Devlin Road Transfer Station … please see http://naparecycling.com/household-hazardous-waste or call 1-800-984-9661 for more detailed information on this collection location.  No appointment is necessary for residents, business must make an advance appointment and there will be a charge to utilized the facility.

Electronic Waste (aka “ewaste”): For City of Napa residents, they make call Napa Recycling & Waste Services at (707) 255-5200  visit http://naparecycling.com/recycle-more to request a special, no charge pick-up of ewaste (earthquake damaged is fine) from the Recycle More curbside program.  Residents/NRWS customers are asked to be patient as NRWS is inundated with earthquake related requests at the moment.  Napa residents outside the City limits have other year-round, no charge options for drop-off of ewaste … please see http://naparecycling.com/e-waste-recycling-options for more information on these year-round options.

Paint: “Paintcare” supports free paint collection and recycling at various in-town store locations including Devine Paint Center, Orchard Supply Hardware, Kelly-Moore Paints and the Paints Works.  Please see http://naparecycling.com/paint or Napa phone book recycling guide for a full listing of available paint recycling locations including address and store hours.  All “Paintcare” supported locations are offering additional collection capacity for Napa locations during earthquake recovery period.

Fluorescents: Home-generated fluorescent bulbs and tubes up to a maximum of four feet are collected for recycling at no charge at the following in-town locations: Zeller’s Ace Hardware, Clark’s Ace Hardware, Napa Electric and Central Valley Builders Supply (Napa City store only).  For more information and options throughout Napa County, please see: http://naparecycling.com/fluorescent-lamp-recycling or refer to the Napa phone book recycling guide.

Residents are reminded and asked NOT to include/drop-off any HHW or ewaste at emergency community collection drop-box locations.  No special HHW collection locations or events have been set up at this time.