The general perception of the Fire Department centers on fire engines and firefighters performing their daily duties. The reality however is that the fire service has changed dramatically over the past 30 years and much of the daily activity occurs "behind the scenes".

In order to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively, the firefighters rely on a dedicated support staff in Administration to provide the means to serve our community. The Administrative Section is responsible for the management and supervision of all Department services, programs and policies. This entails managing a multi-million dollar budget to provide equipment and training, hiring new personnel, payroll records and reporting, purchasing, inventory control, computer related functions and training, labor relations and clerical support services. The administrative staff also ensures that the firefighters basic needs are met and coordinates medical care and other support services.

Fire Department Annual Report

Department Positions

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Few cities in the world offer their citizens the lifestyle available in the City of Napa. With a population of approximately 80,000, Napa is located in the premier wine-making region of the State, approximately 50 miles north of the San Francisco Bay Area. The flowing hills, vineyards and open space provide a backdrop for a dynamic city.  There is an ideal mix of suburban amenities while being close enough to the full range of urban benefits of San Francisco and the Bay Area.
The Department

The mission of the Napa Fire Department is to serve the community from four fire stations (soon to be 5) covering 18 square miles within the City limits of Napa in the heart of the Napa Valley wine country. Each station provides an Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) Engine company staffed with a minimum of three personnel. In addition, Fire Station One provides a Ladder Truck Company capable of specialized operations. The department staffing consists of 59 sworn personnel, 7 civilian employees, 1 part time employee, and 1 volunteer employee. Our present annual call volume is about 9,000 responses per year of which 70% are medical in nature. Approximately 5% are fire related and another 5% hazardous material related with the remaining 20% in various "other" categories.  The department participates in Interagency Hazardous Materials and Urban Search and Rescue Teams, maintaining a Heavy Rescue Unit and three rescue boats.

Our Fire Department also works closely with CAL FIRE, and Napa County Fire Department and maintains mutual and automatic aid agreements with those agencies as well as with the cities of American Canyon and Vallejo. Our department also participates in a Statewide Mutual Aid system as part of the California State Emergency Management Authority (EMA) by housing and staffing a State fire engine (EMA 365) that can respond to large emergency incidents throughout the state.

Department Positions

Firefighter: The position of firefighter has changed dramatically over the last 30 years. Today's firefighter is required to excel in many different skills in order to be able to meet the community's needs. A firefighter in our department is much more likely to use emergency medical skills then to respond to a fire on any given day. He or she must also be able to work safely and knowledgeably in hazardous materials environments, operate many different types of tools to remove victims from crushed vehicles or confined spaces, perform water and technical rescues, provide public education, perform fire and life safety inspections of businesses and many other types of functions as needed by the department. Most of our firefighters specialize in various areas and are required to continue their education throughout their career in order to provide the best service to the community. Firefighter Minimum Qualification

Firefighter/Paramedic: Firefighter/Paramedic in our department must be able to fulfill all of the qualifications of firefighter as listed above, but also has the additional responsibility of providing advanced emergency medical care in the field to our citizens. To become a paramedic, the firefighter has to attend an intensive course of study for a year or more to meet the qualifications for the State of California. In addition they must prove their skills within our county and maintain those skills with required monthly training and frequent testing. A paramedic must be confident with their skills, able to work independently in stressful situations, and provide leadership at medical scenes. FF/Paramedic Minimum Qualifications

Fire Captain: Fire Captain is in charge of a crew staffing an engine or truck on a specific shift, and is responsible for the actions of those personnel while on duty. The captain directs his or her "company" on emergency scenes and is responsible for their safety. In addition, the captain assigns and supervises station work done by the company while on duty and schedules or provides training and orientation for the firefighters. The captain is also responsible for record keeping related to the company and provides reports on calls the company responds to.
Training Officer: The Training Officer position in our department is assigned to a Captain for a three year period. The Training Officer is responsible for making certain that all of the companies are able to perform the necessary functions to provide safety to the public. This entails providing and supervising regular training events to test the company's skills and researching new advances in the fire service for possible addition to our department.
Battalion Chief: 
Battalion Chief in our department is responsible for an entire shift (All personnel working at all three stations on a given day) and works with the on-duty captains to ensure that all companies are meeting their response, training and maintenance responsibilities. In addition, each of our three Battalion Chief's are responsible for the management of various programs, assistance with budget preparation, and long term goals and planning for the department. In a large scale incident the Battalion Chief assumes the role of Incident Commander and provides overall management of the scene.
Operations Chief (Division Chief):
The Division Chief in our department is assigned as Operations Chief and provides overall supervision of the emergency services we provide. This includes providing supervision and guidance to the Battalion Chiefs, developing and implementing programs, development and control of the division budget and acting for the Fire Chief in his or her absence.
Fire Marshal (Division Chief): Our second Division Chief is assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau as the Fire Marshall and provides direction in the management of fire inspections, plan checking and code enforcement. He/she is also responsible for development and control of the division budget and acting for the Fire Chief in his or her absence.

Fire Inspector: Fire Inspectors are detailed to the Fire Prevention Division and are responsible for many types of inspections which include the inspection of new building projects, existing buildings and occupancies, fire protection systems, weed abatement, and reviewing plans to insure compliance with codes. In addition, the Fire Inspectors are responsible for reviewing and implementing ordinances and regulations pertaining to the control and prevention of fires.

Administrative Services Officer: The Administrative Services Officer works as a member of the fire department management team to manage and coordinate the many complex administrative services of the department including; planning, organizing and directing budgetary, fiscal, personnel/payroll, and departmental computer operations; conducting analytical studies; developing, establishing and implementing policies and procedures, and many other duties as required.

Department Secretary: Our Department Secretaries provide clerical support to all members of the department, coordinate payroll and vacation/sick leave record keeping, answer phone queries and complete special projects. In addition our secretaries generously provide coordination and support for many official and unofficial department related functions.

Fire Chief: The Fire Chief, as a member of the City's management team, serves as the primary commander of Fire Department emergency response operations. He/she plans, organizes and directs all programs and activities of the Fire Department including emergency response, fire prevention, public education, hazardous materials, code enforcement, disaster response and other related public safety services. Additionally, the Fire Chief is responsible for planning and submitting the proposed budget for the operation of the fire department, hiring of personnel, supervising staff and making presentations and participating with the City Council and City Manager in fire department and City related matters.


Firefighter - Minimum Qualifications
A typical way of obtaining the knowledge and abilities required for Firefighter would be equivalent to graduation from high school.  State of California certification as a Firefighter I and Emergency Medical Technician/Level I certification are required.

Check HR job description for further.
Firefighter/Paramedic - Minimum Qualifications

A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities required for Firefighter/Paramedic would be graduation from high school and completion of a recognized emergency medical technician/paramedic curriculum.  Some college-level fire science course work is desirable. Candidates must possess valid certification/licensure as outlined below:

  • Valid California Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic (EMT/P) license.
  • Certificate of successful completion of California State Fire Marshal approved Firefighter I training curriculum.
  • Possession of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification from the American Heart Association is required by time of appointment.

Incumbents must be able to successfully complete the local accreditation process in order to work as a Paramedic within Napa County and must attain State of California certification as a Firefighter I by completion of probationary period.

Check HR job description for further.

Physical Requirements

Candidates for Firefighter and Firefighter/Paramedic will be required to possess a valid CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability) Card of Completion issued by the California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee.  The card must have been issued within 12 months preceding both the application deadline and date of employment. For information about how to obtain a CPAT Card of Completion, contact the Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee at www.CPATonline.org, or by calling toll free at 1-877-648-CPAT. 

Special Requirements

Incumbents must work variable shifts and overtime as required; attend meeting and training activities; work under hazardous, life-threatening conditions; wear and function in self-contained breathing apparatus and other specialized safety equipment.   Possession of a Class “C” California Driver’s license is required prior to appointment; incumbents must obtain and maintain a California Class “C” license with fire endorsements within one year of date of hire.

Incumbents must comply with residency requirements (90 minutes driving time, under normal driving conditions) by completion of the probationary period.  Incumbents must possess and maintain physical strength, ability and stamina to perform the essential functions of Firefighter and Firefighter/Paramedic.

Compensation and Benefits

Visit our Human Resources Department for information on employment oppurtunities and compensation packages.  The Human Resources Department is located at 1541 Second Street, Napa CA 94559, with a phone number of 707-257-9505.

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