Frequently Asked Questions about BottleRock Napa Valley


What is BottleRock Napa Valley?

BottleRock Napa Valley (BRNV) is an event May 9-12, 2013, taking place at the Napa Valley Expo, and described by the promoters as intended to “bring today's hottest artists in music, food and wine to tens of thousands of fans right in the heart of Downtown Napa.” The event is designed with a capacity of 35,000 to 40,000 persons per day at the Napa Valley Expo.

Is the City of Napa the promoter or organizer of BottleRock?

No. The City is not the promoter or organizer of this event. BottleRock Napa Valley is being produced by an organization called WillPower Events.

Is the City responsible for scheduling or managing events that take place at the Napa Valley Expo?

No. The Napa Valley Expo property is owned by the State of California. The City does not have jurisdictional control over any property owned by the State, including the Expo. BottleRock event organizers have a contract with the Expo, which has its own Board of Directors. Learn more about the Expo here:

How can I learn more about BotteRock's schedule, tickets and pricing, parking and shuttle services and other information? 

The event website is There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter feed for those who use those services. The Customer Service phone number is 707-224-1176 and the email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A storefront operation can be found at 1232 First Street in Napa and can be reached at 707-255-5249. For information on lodging call 707-252-1985.

How many people are expected to attend BottleRock?

The organizers of the event informed the City that the maximum number of tickets sold will be 35,000 per day, with as many as 5,000 additional persons working or volunteering at the event per day. There is no guarantee that all the tickets will be sold, but the City is making its plans based on the potential maximum occupancy. 


How is the City preparing to handle the impacts of this event on the community?

Since January 2013, City staff has met regularly with event organizers to understand impacts and develop plans to mitigate them. The collaborative process has included a number of other agencies, including the County of Napa Sherriff, CHP, the State Fire Marshall, Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), The Vine Bus (NCTPA) and others. 

The primary areas of focus for staff have been:
• Parking plans
• Traffic Management and Transportation Plans
• Public Safety for medical needs and law enforcement
• Waste diversion plans
• Permitting and management of related events expected to take place outside the Expo (“After Parties” both developed by BRNV and non-BRNV developed events.)
General neighborhood quality of life impacts
• Recovery of the City's costs to protect public safety and quality of life

Download the Parking and Circulation Plan 

What is the plan for parking for this size of a crowd?

Typically, events at the Napa Valley Expo use parking areas that are part of the Expo property. BottleRock's site plan does not include attendee parking on the site. Because the supply of on-street and public parking near the Expo is very limited, the City requested that the applicant use areas outside the downtown core of Napa for parking. The Special Event Permit conditions require the applicant to secure not less than 12,000 parking stalls for the event. These needed parking spaces have been secured in currently unused industrial areas south of Imola Avenue. Another 700 spaces have been secured at Skyline Park and other spaces are secured on private property in various locations. The complete list of parking areas will be posted when the final permit is issued.

Will there be any BottleRock parking in downtown Napa?

As part of the Special Event application, the applicant requested to lease as many City-owned parking lots and structures as possible to accommodate parking needs. After staff analysis and input from existing downtown businesses, as well as direction from the City Council, the applicant was offered a total of 375 parking spaces in areas controlled by the City - 275 on the second and third levels of the Pearl Street parking garage, and 100 spaces in a gravel lot adjacent to the railroad tracks on Third Street. (This is not a regularly-used public parking area but is sometimes made available during events at the Expo.)

BottleRock attendees, like persons visiting downtown Napa for any other reason, are entitled to park on the street or in City lots and garages along with all other members of the public. However, as a condition of the event permit, the City has required BottleRock to place signs and personnel to deter festival parking in City lots and garages, except for the designated area of the Pearl Street garage. This measure is intended to preserve parking spaces for employees and patrons of downtown businesses during business hours until 5:30 p.m. Parking time limits will be enforced as usual, and tickets will be issued to violators. Care parked illegally in handicapped zones, loading zones, outside of designated spaces, or blocking driveways will be subject to fines and towing.  

Who should I call if a car is blocking my driveway or a fire hydrant?

For all non-emergency issues related to BottleRock, please call (707) 257-9223 and listen for the BottleRock prompt. Your call will be answered, information will be taken and the call will be assigned to a Police Officer or a Community Services Officer. This number will be answered 24 hours per day. If you get voicemail it will be due to the handling of other calls. Leave a message and we will return your call quickly.

Can I have a car towed if it’s parked in front of my house?

City streets are public property and vehicles that are parked legally are allowed to be parked there for up to 72 hours before they have to be moved. Parking enforcement will take place, in accordance with the Napa Municipal Code and State Law, throughout the course of the event.
Vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed where the law allows. Residents can hold spots by parking on the street and allowing guests to use their off street parking.

I own a business and there are cars parked in my parking lot that do not belong to my customers. Will the Napa Police Department tow these vehicles?

The Napa Police Department will not tow vehicles parked on private property; however, the owner of the property (or his/her designee) may have the vehicle towed by calling a tow company. For more information on this please refer to the California Vehicle Code (VC22658)


Download the Parking and Circulation Plan 

How will festival attendees get to and from the Expo?

Persons parking in the areas secured by BottleRock will have shuttle bus service to and from the event site. The event organizers will use about 160 busses to transport people from the parking areas to the Expo. The buses will use Soscol Avenue, with the #2 or curb lane devoted to buses from the "Y" at Soscol/Silverado Trail north to First Street. Buses will unload between First and Third Streets and festival attendees will walk to the Expo. The buses will return to Napa Pipe via a loop including First Street, Silverado Trail and Soscol Avenue. When the event ends, buses returning patrons to the parking areas will be loaded on Burnell Street. They will be directed to Soscol Avenue via Third Street and will drop off their passengers before returning to remove more people. 

Persons parking in areas other than the Napa Pipe site or other parking south of Imola Avenue may use the Vine bus or BottleRock-provided shuttles from various in-town locations. BottleRock is also offering round-trip "BottleBus" transportation from other areas - Sacramento, Sonoma-Marin County, the East Bay and others. 

What is the plan for street closures? 

Some streets or portions of streets near the Napa Valley Expo will close from 9 a.m. to midnight May 9-12.

  • Third Street from Soscol Avenue to Silverado Trail: A "soft closure" will be in place from Soscol to Burnell Street, and from Silverado Trail to Juarez Street, allowing Vine buses and traffic to residences and businesses only. A "hard closure" on Third will be in place from Burnell to Juarez, directly in front of the Expo's Main Entrance, to allow room for pedestrians to gather. BottleRock staff has said that by May 1, residents in neighborhoods affected by closures will receive placards to allow them to more easily pass through barricades. 
  • Third Street from the Expo to Main Street: The #2 or curb lane of westbound Third will be closed vehicles to increase capacity for pedestrians walking from the Expo to downtown locations west of Soscol. 
  • Soscol Avenue: To accommodate shuttle busses bringing attendees to the site, the #2 or curb lane of northbound Soscol Avenue will be closed to regular traffic and reserved for busses from the "Y" intersection at Silverado Trail north to First Street. Busses will unload passengers onto the east side of Soscol Avenue, just a short walk from the Expo. 
  • Burnell Street, along with Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Streets from Soscol to Burnell: A "soft closure" will be in place.
  • Juarez Street from Third to First: Most of Juarez will be closed to all but resident and business traffic and used as a pedestrian route from drop-off points on First near Silverado Trail. 
From 10:00 p.m. to approximately 1:00 a.m.
  • Silverado Trail from Third south to Fairview: Closed from 9pm each night until busses have been loaded. The goal is to allow attendees to quickly access buses as they leave the event site. 

How can I find out about current traffic flow?

The California Highway Patrol is handling traffic circulation. However, the Napa Police Department will be sending out regular traffic updates on Nixle is a free service and information can be received via email or text straight to your smart phone. To sign up to receive these updates, please visit

Those attending BottleRock are encouraged to park on the Napa Pipe property. Shuttles will be available to bring festival-goers to the fairgrounds property and then transport them back to their vehicles as they choose. Soscol Avenue/Hwy. 221 and Silverado Trail will be used as the major ingress and egress routes.

Where will out-of-town attendees stay while at the festival? 

Information on hotels, other lodging and camping can be found here:

During BottleRock, the City and other agencies will send information on traffic and other issues using the Nixle system. If you are not yet a subscriber, please sign up for the free Nixle service at to receive email or text messages. 


There are people in front of my house. They are loud and seem to be intoxicated.

For all non-emergency issues related to BottleRock, please call (707) 257-9223 and listen for the BottleRock prompt. Your call will be answered, information will be taken and the call will be assigned to a Police Officer. We will have Officers assigned to the area outside the Fairgrounds who will be patrolling the neighborhoods.

When is it appropriate to call 9-1-1?

You should only call 9-1-1 if there is a life or death situation happening. The appropriate agencies will then be dispatched to your location.

Who can I call if my neighbor’s dog is barking due to the noise and extra activity in my neighborhood?

The Napa Police Department does not respond for barking dog complaints. If you see something that looks suspicious and out of the ordinary please let us know. We will assign the call to an Officer who will respond to the area. 

Will the Vine buses be in service during the event? 



To ask a question of the City about BottleRock, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..