Schematic Design Open House for Senior Center Phase I Renovations

Join us for Schematic Design Open House for Senior Center Phase I Renovations at the Senior Center Social Hall on Thursday July 14th. During the open house, the community is encouraged to drop-in any time to view the designs between 3-6 pm and provide their feedback as well as enjoy light refreshments. Williams Architects will make a formal presentation of their proposed designs and facility treatment recommendations at 3:30 pm. This open house follows a formal presentation that will be conducted at the Senior Advisory Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission on Wednesday July 13th. The Phase I renovations are based on the recommendations from the Senior Center Feasibility Study that was conducted in 2015. Feedback from commission meetings as well as the community open house will help steer the final recommendations for the facility renovations.

For more information, please call the Senior Center at 707-255-1800.

City of Napa's Senior Center celebrates 40th anniversary

Four decades ago, the City of Napa’s forefathers dedicated resources to serve our senior community and today, staff continues to honor, support, and expand upon the vision to offer high quality senior programs and services here in Napa. The Senior Center offers a wide variety of programs and services from monthly special events, free games groups, daily lunch program, as well as art, dance, and exercise classes.

The City of Napa invites the community to celebrate the Senior Center’s 40th Anniversary on Friday, July 8th from 3pm - 6pm in the Senior Center Social Hall, located at 1500 Jefferson Street. Light refreshments and appetizers will be provided and the Napa Valley Harmonizers Quartet will join the festivities.

For more information, please call the Senior Center at 707-255-1800.

Water Supplies Reliable, State-Mandated Savings Target Lifted

Thanks to eased drought conditions in Northern California and resulting modifications to the State Water Board Emergency Regulation, the City of Napa is no longer subject to mandatory percentage-based water conservation effective June 2016. A required Water Supply Reliability Certification was submitted to the State on June 22, showing that under an additional three-year drought “stress test,” Napa’s available water supplies in 2019 would be more than sufficient to meet local demand. The supporting analysis document for that Certification has been posted on the Water Division web page,

For the past year, the City was required to reduce its overall water use by 20% compared to 2013 or risk fines from the State. The Napa community responded exceptionally well. Water consumption and corresponding revenue was down 25%, beating our mandated target, saving 1.2 billion gallons, and achieving our lowest usage since the early 1990’s when the population was 14,000 fewer and extensive development had yet to occur. Despite removal of the State-mandate, the City urges customers to maintain water-wise habits learned during the drought as we transition back to meeting our long-term water use efficiency goals. Rebate incentives continue for high-efficiency toilets and clothes washers, and for lawn removal in the popular “Cash For Grass” program. To help with efficient irrigation scheduling, the City offers Sprinkler Times, a free online tool/smartphone app. In the coming months, two additional rebate programs will be launched, one for outdoor savings, the other indoors.

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MCE Clean Energy






Council members in Napa, American Canyon, Calistoga, St. Helena, and Yountville voted to join MCE to give all electric customers in Napa County the opportunity to purchase more renewable, competitively-priced electricity as an alternative to PG&E’s energy supply. For more information, please visit MCE's website

What is MCE?

MCE is a not-for-profit, public agency that partners with PG&E to provide electricity generated from more renewable, non-polluting sources. Formed by the  public to buy cleaner power and invest in our local economies, MCE has served Bay Area electric customers since 2010 and unincorporated Napa County  customers since February 2015.

MCE replaces PG&E’s job of determining power sources, called electric generation. So instead of paying PG&E for both electric delivery and electric generation services, customers pay MCE for generation and PG&E for delivery.

Aside from cleaner energy sources, not much will change. You will continue to enjoy the same reliable electricity. PG&E will continue to deliver your power, maintain the wires, and provide your gas service. To learn more, visit MCE's FAQ page

Want to speak with someone in person? MCE representatives will be available at Napa City Hall on the following days from 8am - 5pm to answer any questions you have. You can also call (888) 632-3674.

    • Wednesday, June 29
    • Thursday, June 30
    • Wednesday, July 6
    • Thursday, July 7
    • Wednesday, July 13
    • Thursday July 14

Your Service Options
Your MCE Light Green 50% renewable energy service starts automatically with your first PG&E billing cycle in September 2016, unless you choose another option.

You’re welcome to choose any of the services below at any time!

50% Renewable Energy | MCE Light Green: Take no action and you’ll be enrolled in Light Green. Light Green is 50% renewable and 63% carbon free.

100% Renewable Energy | MCE Deep Green: Imagine all your electricity is pollution-free. It is when you choose Deep Green 100% renewable energy service. Half of the 1¢ per kilowatt-hour Deep Green premium funds the development of new, local, renewable sites. For the typical home, Deep Green costs about $5 per month. We invite you to enroll online or call 1 (888) 632-3674.

30% Renewable Energy | PG&E: You can always choose to opt out and keep PG&E’s 30% renewable generation service or one of their other options. Please have your PG&E account number on hand to opt out online or call 1 (888) 632-3674.

To read more about your options, please click here

Rates & Billing
The cost of MCE 50% renewable energy is slightly less than the cost of PG&E 30% renewable energy for typical residential and commercial customers – based on rates taking effect before your community is enrolled with MCE. For rates and cost comparison, please visit MCE's rate page

“Napa Lights the Valley” returns with a much-anticipated Independence Day celebration

On Monday, July 4th, the skies over Napa River, Veterans Memorial Park and the new Oxbow Commons will burst with color in a much-anticipated Independence Day celebration. The City of Napa is proud to partner again this year with JaM Cellars, Coors Light, Sunrise Rotary Napa and Kiwanis to bring Napa’s community and visitors an exceptional day full of activities.

“‘Napa Lights the Valley’ promises to be a fun, family-friendly event once again this year! We look forward to seeing families, neighbors and friends celebrating the 4th of July together in downtown Napa,” said City of Napa Mayor Jill Techel.

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